Machine Learning algorithms trained by us mimic us well, but they never produce insights. Only occasionally, we come across work where the ML systems generate insights. One recent example was Alpha Zero learning chess by playing against itself with an occasional playoff against Stockfish. Stockfish is a great chess program…

Once in a while when we reflect, we feel sad and think “I wish I had known”. In my life I have come to this state almost never.

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As I grew up, I was the most self-assured person I can remember. I could never go wrong. Of late, I have noticed that I am as frequently wrong about things as I am right. Scientists have studied the effect of age on intelligence and concluded that most cognitive abilities…

Most of us know that the map of earth today is not how earth looked many million years ago. For example, it is well known that the Himalayas are a young mountain range that grew and is still growing as India pushed against Asian continent.

The subject of paleogeography deals with geography at the planet scale. I found this animation that shows earth starting 200 millions year ago and projects the shape 200 million years hence.

While this is amazing, wouldn’t it be great if we could also visualise the life on earth at those points in time? I made a timeline (50 ma gap) of the dominant (or interesting) life-forms of that period. (All images are from Wikipedia)

Humans and language co-evolve. A common slang in India is “charsoobees” or “four twenty”. A “four twenty” is someone who cheats. Indian languages derive this term from the Indian penal code setup by Britishers in India in 1860. The section 420 of the IPC deals with cheating.

Section 420 of Indian Penal Code, 1960 ()

The legal term…

Saurav Chakravorty

I am a data scientist solving some interesting problems in the industry.

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